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It’s my goal to  help corporations navigate and pivot during this time of transformation.

Every organization has a unique culture and that ecosystem is a determining factor in the success of the organization.  People do not consciously notice organizational culture or climate, but it is undoubtedly there.  Culture is not only correlated to profitability, it is a more powerful way of influencing and managing employee behavior than organizational rules and regulations.  When you …

“Define It”   *   “Teach It”   *   “Live It”   *   “Measure It”   *   “Reward It”

you help to ensure that the way in which the organization usually operates does not put obstacles in the way of achievement.  You will see the results in your employee’s productivity, efficiencies, retention, innovation – and your bottom line.

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I AM TK subscribes to a Principle-centered  | People-focused Culture model that foster transformational thinking and behavior using  7- standards must be integrated cross-functionally to shift the paradigm within the organization.

► Integrity    

► Trust

► Appreciation

► Connection

► Shared Commitment

► Communication

►  Accountability

We focus on developing the 26-competencies of Emotional Intelligence as the fundamental skills   are woven throughout each of the Learning Modules which represents “How” a company attains a People-Centered Culture.


An organization with a people centered culture will demonstrate the ability to:

► Cultivate Self-Aware Leaders

► Embrace Innovation,  Creative Problem Solving and Shared Value

► Build Teams and Broaden Leadership

► Catalyze Change

► Promote Cultural Competency and Inter-Generational Relationships

► Make Effective Decisions

►  Build Consensus & Resolve Conflict